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Our Story

Investor meets Operator

For years, our co-founder Michael Girdley had been investing in startups in the local tech ecosystem. Over and over, he was approached by software company founders who were reaching out for investment and from others, a path to exit their businesses. But, there were no buyers that could provide the type of home these sellers wanted.

These businesses were deeply interested in protecting their legacy, the outcome for their employees, customers, and the future of often their life’s work. Dura started with this observation: How could we create a home with a "soul", one that truly understands the bones of the business but also embraces the distinctiveness, that highly particular element, that makes each business special?

The answer came soon after, when Paul Salisbury, our other co-founder, had recently decided to leave a successful career as a senior executive at Rackspace. He reached out to Graham Weston, the foremost supporter of San Antonio's tech community, and was quickly connected to Michael. 

Over lunch at Rosella, a cafe on the first floor of local tech startup hub Geekdom, Michael and Paul sketched out the framework for a new type of software company. They conceived much of the structure you see today and, in Dura, an international company that does things differently–and with a "soul."

Core Values

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Deliver Opportunity

For our people, customers, investors, communities, and San Antonio.

Make Mom Proud

Be transparent, honest, and humble.


Be available, approachable, and accountable.

Take Calculated Risks

Challenge the status quo with fact-based information.

Champion Diversity

Promote Diversity and Inclusion in our workplace and communities.

Not just Software.
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