• Dura Software acquires and operates software companies for the



  • What We Do

    Our model is to buy companies and never sell them.


    We develop plans to help build the business while making sure the customers, culture, and employees are well taken care of.

    "Neutral Zone"


    Too big to be sold to an individual. Too small for Private Equity. Usually, this is in the range of $1.5mm to $5mm ARR.



    We love software companies.

    Owners Want a Transition


    Unlike other buyers, we don't need the founders to stick around. We can bring in a new management team and often a new technical team, too.

    Sticky Product


    Some customers would be very unhappy if you went out of business.

    Recurring Revenue


    Services and transactional businesses aren't a fit.

    Niches Welcomed


    We love companies that have found a strong position in their category.

  • Why choose Dura?


    We want to continue your vision and keep your commitments to your customers.

    1 Hour

    of your time to receive an offer

    3 - 6 Weeks

    target time from LOI to closing.

  • Our process is designed to get companies an offer efficiently:


    Intro Call

    (15 Mins)

    We chat on the phone and answer any questions you have.


    NDA & Questionnaire

    (45 Mins)

    We mutually sign an NDA to protect your information. You prepare answers to a handful of questions.


    Letter of Intent

    (1 - 2 Weeks)

    We crunch numbers on our side and submit terms to you.

  • Our Portfolio

    Moki provides administration software for the deployment and management of single-purpose mobile devices at any scale.



  • Our Team

    Paul Salisbury


    Chris Burney


    Michael Girdley

    Board Chair

  • Contact Us

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